Our Eyes Need Lights Too!

Amidst the domination of sunglasses, Dr. Bates, an eye practitioner fearlessly declared that our eyes need "sun bathing," too. According to him, the sun has natural anti-bacteria and may serve as medicine to many inflammatory conditions of our eyes and eyelashes. The baths could further release a harmful stress from the eyeball muscles. They could lower the sensitivity to the dazzling and bright lighting and do away with the apprehension of light. It is but natural that are eyes are blinking and our brows are wrinkling when we are exposed to sunlight. We could acquire passive and dynamic eye relaxation when we undergo "solarization ," (the state to be under the sun).

Sunlight is indispensable when it comes to eye relaxation. Our eyes would reach the state of unwinding if we just adopt the basic and proper responses to light. Exposure to sunlight is beneficial. Of course anything that is too much is dangerous. I smiled at my best when I read how one described people's treatment to sunlight. He said that for thousands of years, sunny days did not bother us at all. We were just accustomed to the intense of light. 

Yes, it's cool to wear sunglasses but don't forget to know that our eyes need lights, too. Proper exposure to sunlight may prevent you undergo laser para los ojos surgery.

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