Top 5 kinds of sea salt

Many people only think one type of salt exist throughout the world and that it is the standard table salt served at their dinner table every night.  In fact it is much different; there are so many different kinds of salts available.  There are also different grades of salt, with processed table salt being the lowest grade and most commonly consumed.  Fortunately, there are kosher grade gourmet food quality sea salts available on the market.  Some of these salts range in colors and flavors.  Almost all sea salt is kosher grade and is able to be used within the kosher diet.

Some of these exotic salts include Pink Himalayan Salt, Red Alaea Sea Salt, Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt, Black Truffle sea salt, Fleur de Sel, and French Grey Salt (also known as Sel Gris).  All of the salts listed are kosher grade and gourmet food quality.  Furthermore each one is completely different from the next as far as texture, color, and taste.  Some of these salts make a great finishing salt such as the black lava salt, but others are great for rubs like the red alaea.  If you are looking to replace your unhealthy table salt, the Fleur de Sel or Sel Gris is excellent for that.  Pink Himalayan salt is a great all around salt that is healthy because it contains trace minerals and finally the black truffle salt is one of the best salts that money can buy because it contains shaved black truffles within a high grade of sea salt.

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